Antarctica Week 2019: Connecting Antarctic researchers and school classrooms


The International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration (ITGC) Science Coordination Office is pleased to announce that we are planning an event to connect school classrooms with Antarctic researchers in late November and early December 2019. This event follows the successful inaugural ITGC Antarctica Week 2018, where we reached 100 schools and over 8200 students across the United States and the United Kingdom.
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Antarctic Field Updates


Our "Antarctic Field Update" education series helps keep you and your students informed about current research in the Amundsen Sea, Antarctica, from our scientists onboard the Research Vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer as they study ocean characteristics near the Thwaites Glacier.

These updates are associated with reports from the research, found at our Snow on Ice page.

Antarctic Field Update #1: How are our scientists measuring ocean temperature under Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica?

Antarctic Field Update #2: Hugin, "The Brave Little Submersible," explores under Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica


Overview Infographic of International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration

Educational infographic - Issued by NERC and NSF, this provides an overview of what ITGC scientists are doing, and why.

From the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Icelights: Antarctica - These articles answer your burning questions about the frozen continent.

All About Sea Ice: Arctic v. Antarctic - Gives an overview of why sea ice behaves differently at opposite ends of the Earth.

All About Glaciers - This provides information and examples of glaciers in Antarctica and around the globe.

Quickfacts: Ice Shelves - Learn the basics about the interface between glacier ice and ocean water.

State of the Cryosphere - This site provides timely information about sea ice, ice shelves, ice sheets, and other frozen parts of our planet.

From the British Antarctic Survey

Discovering Antarctica - Designed for students of all ages, this resource is packed full of interactive features, downloads, lesson-based activities, worksheets and teacher notes

Antarctic Geography - Antarctica is the largest and most pristine wilderness on Earth.

Antarctic Wildlife - Everyone loves a penguin!