The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise Science Coordination Office Proposal (SCO)

The ITGC Science Coordination Office coordinates the eight funded research projects to deliver the best possible science for the funding agencies and the public of both the US and UK. Its primary mission is to integrate the individual grants under a shared vision and plan, look for and propose adjustments to the science field data activities to maximize the effectiveness of the ITGC program as a whole, and to assist in the coordination of media outreach, web content and education products for the program.   

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Snow on Ice: Synergizing Science #9

The crane lowered the little orange submarine until it finally touched down snuggly onto its ramp on the back deck of the Palmer. Behind it, the overcast, foggy skies blended into the glacier front a few kilometers away and down to the rest of the ocean surrounding us.

Snow on Ice: When in Antarctica: the backup to the backup #8

“I think the secret to the work we do in many ways is as much as possible beforehand, asking the question, ‘what if, what if, what if.…’” Andy Smith, a principal investigator on the ITGC GHOST project, commented about working in Antarctica’s isolated and difficult outback.

Snow on Ice: Geology with a Spoon #7

While the seal team sat on one of the smaller Shaeffer Islands tagging their second and third seals (described in a previous blog post), GHC scientists, Scott Braddock and Meghan Spoth from the University of Maine, dug through ancient beaches for the

Snow on Ice: Seals help scientists explore Thwaites Glacier #6

Calling it seal tagging doesn’t really put the right image in your mind. I had pictured a seal with a small plastic tag attached to its body like you’d see on a cow or pig ear. Seeing it in person was a surprise. Imagine a 600 lb (300 kg) Weddell seal with big dark eyes, a small radio glued to the top of its head, and a black antenna poking up like a single antler.

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Photo by Ted Scambos