Celebrate with our annual ITGC Antarctica Festivals

On the ice shelf, Jan 2022. Credit Ted Scambos

ITGC hosts the annual Antarctica Festival, celebrating the 1 December 1959 signing of the Antarctic Treaty with a series of educational talks and activities for students of all ages. Join us this year for the event, which coincides with the first week of December.





2023 festival

2023 Antarctica Week Festival

We are excited to offer ten opportunities to hear from 17 ITGC scientists for this year’s Antarctica Week Festival! Learn about what they do, how they are tackling our biggest science challenges, and loads more about Antarctic research on and off the ice. The sessions include questions submitted by students across the UK and US! Join us November 27 - December 1 for the engaging presentations for all age ranges. 

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2022 antarctica week

2022 Antarctica Week Festival

28 November to 1 December - featuring four talks from Antarctic researchers

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Antarctic Week 2021

2021 Antarctica Month Festival


We celebrated Antarctica with a month-long event with online talks, activities, and materials about Antarctica.

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Antarctic Week 2020

2020 Antarctica Week Festival


Our first Antarctica Festival during covid gave us the opportunity to host ten webinars by our researchers from the US, UK, and some at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

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Antarctic Week 2019

2019 Antarctica Week Festival


In 2019 we paired our researchers from the UK, US, and at all stages of their careers with schools across the continents to answer students questions about the Antarctic! Many of these talks were in person and held in classrooms while others were conducted remotely.

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Antarctic Week 2018

2018 Antarctica Week Festival


To begin our initial year of research, ITGC scheduled meetings online and in person at schools in the UK and the US to present why polar research matters and what it’s like living and working in Antarctica.

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