Disintegration of Marine Ice-sheets Using Novel Optimised Simulations (DOMINOS)

DOMINOS will use computer models to examine calving and associated dynamic processes that could cause the retreat and collapse of Thwaites Glacier. This will reduce uncertainty in the rates of retreat of the Thwaites Glacier and its contribution to sea-level rise.

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The ‘Cliff Notes’ on ice-cliff failure

The retreat of large glaciers that drain the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could expose immense ice-cliffs at newly-bared calving faces, which are the exposed ends of glaciers where, in these cases, glacier ice meets the ocean. Past a certain height, these ice cliffs will become susceptible to collapsing from high stresses, a process known as structural ice-cliff failure. Read more in this blog post that describes recent research published in Nature Communications.

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Study published in Science sheds light on the future of the massive Thwaites Glacier and other ice sheets.