Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Evolution - The Role of Shear Margin Dynamics in the Future Evolution of Thwaites Drainage Basin (TIME)


The Future of Thwaites Glacier and its Contribution to Sea-level Rise Science Coordination Office Proposal (SCO)


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Land Ice Field Season 2019-2020, Antarctica


MELT, TARSAN, GHC, THOR, and TIME teams departed for McMurdo Station in early November 2019, and deployed to the field in December 2019. 

ITGC teams plan…

EGU Special Session, Vienna, Austria


ITGC has proposed a special session at the European Geophysical Union meeting, focused on ice-ocean interaction, ice dynamics modeling, and early field work results from…

All-Thwaites Science Meeting, Boulder


The third all-ITGC meeting of PIs, post-doctoral researchers, graduate students, and other colleagues will be held in June 2020 in Boulder, CO, U.S. Participants will be…

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