ITGC Community Norms and Values Statement

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In fall 2019, researchers of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration created a guiding document of values and norms for our community's behavior. This document outlines our desires for respect, creating an inclusive environment, acknowledging the value of diversity in science, ethical standards on scientific conduct, and an environment without harassment, bullying, or alienation. It also describes our values when writing and publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals, our values during fieldwork, and best inclusive practices when promoting ITGC work on social media. We present these guidelines here to acknowledge that our research community can improve its commitment and actions toward diversity, inclusion, and equity, and to note these guidelines as our starting point with more work to come throughout the project. 

As of August 2022, the Community Norms and Values document is posted on github for review and contributions, and we welcome comments and open discussion of these values across the polar science community. A github account is not needed to view the document, but is needed to comments and discuss.