ITGC scientists addressed reporters on Monday, December 13, at the American Geophysical Union meeting, describing the rapid retreat of Thwaites Glacier and the implications that will have on our planet in the coming years. Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier is retreating rapidly as a warming ocean slowly erases its ice from below, leading to faster flow, more fracturing, and a threat of collapse, according to an international team of scientists. The glacier is the size of Florida or Britain and currently contributes four percent of annual global sea level rise. If it does collapse, global sea levels would rise by several feet—putting millions of people living in coastal cities in danger zones for extreme flooding. 

ITGC field team after successful ROV dive. Photo: Schmidt/Dichek  Read more from the scientists at the press conference






AGU press conference    Watch the press conference on AGU's YouTube channel






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Thwaites Glacier tongue. Photo credit: Wikicommons