We are pleased to announce the 2019 International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration (ITGC) "Next Generation" Retreat for early career Thwaites researchers. The meeting will be held 27-30 of August, 2019 at Culford School, just outside Bury St Edmunds, about 40 km from Cambridge, UK. We hope the event will attract 35-40 participants. This is an opportunity for early-career scientists attached to ITGC to come together and set their own agenda, and explore their own ideas around the future of research on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. We are still welcoming expressions of interest from early-career researchers (broadly-defined) who are attached, or allied to ITGC, and wish to attend "ITGC Next Generation." Please email Elaina Ford at eakf@bas.ac.uk with any questions or to inquire about registering.